ETL Tools

ETL stands for Extract, Transform and Load. It is the process in which the Data is extracted from any data sources and transformed into a proper format for storing and future reference purposes.

Lastly, this data is loaded into the database. In the current technology era, the word ‘data’ is very important as most of the business is run around this data, data flow, data format, etc. Modern applications and working methodology require real-time data for processing purposes and in order to meet this purpose, there are various ETL tools available in the market.

Using such databases and ETL tools makes the data management task much easier and simultaneously improves data warehousing.

ETL platforms that are available in the market to save money as well as time to a great extent. Some of them are commercial, licensed tools and few are open-source free tools.

Hevo – Recommended ETL Tool

Hevo, a No-code Data Pipeline platform can help you move data from any source (Databases, Cloud Applications, SDKs, and Streaming) to any destination in real-time.

Silent Features of Hevo:

Easy Implementation: Hevo can be set up and run in just a few minutes.

Automatic Schema Detection and Mapping: Hevo’s powerful algorithms can detect the schema of incoming data and replicate the same in the data warehouse without any manual intervention.

Real-time Architecture: Hevo is built on a real-time streaming architecture which ensures that the data is loaded to your warehouse in real-time.

ETL and ELT:

Hevo has powerful features that allow you to clean, transform, and enrich your data both before and after moving it to the warehouse. This ensures you always have analysis-ready data.

Enterprise-grade Security: Hevo is GDPR, SOC II, and HIPAA compliant.
Alerts and Monitoring: Hevo provides detailed alerts and granular monitoring setup so that you are always on top of your data.

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