SAP Business Objects Private Cloud Edition

SAP Business Objects Private Cloud Edition is a new service from SAP that offers customers the chance to move their existing SAP BusinessObjects on-premise platform(s) to a private cloud environment managed for you by SAP. In a nutshell SAP BusinessObjects Private Cloud Edition provides:

SAP BusinessObjects platform capabilities (ie: Lumira, Web Intelligence, Analysis for Office, Crystal)

Pre-configured, dedicated SAP BusinessObjects system landscape hosted on hyperscaler (incl. Azure, AWS, Google.) or SAP cloud infrastructure, including everything required to run the application as part of a standard service package

Pre-defined “T-Shirt” sizes (Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large) available based on deployment size (based on number of users or concurrent users)

Platform services provided by SAP including monthly upgrades (according to flexible time frame chosen by customer)

SAP service level agreement (SLA) covers the entire stack end-to-end (99.5% for Production)
Standard offering provides 2-tier landscape (Test/Development and Production), other configurations available on request
High availability, back-up and restore included within standard service scope
Shared system governance between customer, SAP and partner
Customer receives dedicated technical engagement lead / single point of contact
Offering includes SAP Cloud Agent, Live Data Connect and SAPP Analytic Cloud Agent to enable connection to SAC, SAP BusinessObjects On-Premise and other SAP cloud applications as required

Why switch to SAP Business Objects Private Cloud Edition?

A Single Services provider to manage all your BI Systems while your team focuses on developing the solutions that your business needs

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